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Miyachi Unitek Sponsors Webcast on Precision Fiber Laser Cutting of Thin Metals

Miyachi Unitek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of welding equipment and systems, announces that it will sponsor an online webcast on precision fiber laser cutting of thin metals, covering fundamentals of available technology and capabilities. The webcast will be hosted by Industrial Laser Solutions For Manufacturing® on October 6, 2011, at 1PM EST. Those wishing to participate should go to Industrial Laser Solutions’ website to register. Participants will learn how precision laser cutting works, the key parameters for cut optimization, which materials and geometries can be cut, and will gain an understanding of the components of a laser cutting system.

The webcast will be presented by Dr. Geoff Shannon, Miyachi Unitek’s laser technology manager. Dr. Shannon specializes in the development of lasers and applications for existing and new markets. He has a BEng in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Laser Welding Technology from the University of Liverpool. His 20 year career in laser technology has centered on laser and system applications research and development and new product development.

“Precision fiber laser cutting is now emerging as the preferred choice for many thin metal cutting or machining applications when superior edge quality, tight dimensional tolerances and/or high volume production is required,” said Dr. Shannon. “These types of cutting applications already exist and are emerging in many industries, most specifically for medical and electronic devices. My goal is to present an introduction to the capabilities of precision laser cutting of thin metals to help participants take a first step toward consideration of the benefits of implementing the technology.”

Dr. Shannon will review the basics of the laser cutting process for metals less than 0.03-inch thick using a fiber laser. This will include key laser and hardware parameters needed to understand how to optimize for cutting speed, edge quality and dimensional accuracy. He will also review the range of materials and examples of cut/part geometries that work well for laser cutting, highlighted with application examples processed in 2, 3 and 5 axes. Finally, he will provide a brief overview of a cutting system, listing the main components and general information for selection.

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