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See Latest Laser Cutting, Marking and Resistance Welding Technology at MDM West 2016

Monrovia, CA – Amada Miyachi America Inc., a leading manufacturer of laser welding, marking, cutting and micro machining equipment and systems, will be highlighting its all-new Sigma Laser Stent & Tube Cutter, LMWS laser processing workstation, and new LF Series fiber laser welder at MD&M West, February 9-11, 2016, at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, booth #3051. Also to be showcased is the UB29 linear DC micro welder, Series 320 low force electronic weld head and Advanced Data Analysis Monitor (ADAM).

The brand new second generation Sigma Laser Stent & Tube Cutter has been designed for efficient production and practical operation, from the large access workspace door with an embedded quick open slide door, to the full pull out drawers which provide easy access to the closed loop water system, and internal flexible lamps. The single mode laser and high quality optical focusing assembly provides spot sizes to 12 microns, and the rotary stage has been optimized for low mass high acceleration to minimize cycle time. The entire system is underpinned with our in-house developed control software with easy single screen interface.

Complete process tooling is offered for tube diameters ranging from 0.01-1 inch in both off and on axis variants. For off axis cutting, accuracy and speed are maximized using a linear cross axis stage. The system’s cutting capability for nitinol, stainless steel, and cobalt chromium is excellent and fully supported by our in-house application engineers who will be available on the booth to discuss your unique application.

Specifically designed for benchtop operation in a lean manufacturing environment, the versatile and easily configurable LMWS low-cost laser processing workstation offers laser marking of metals and plastics, engraving of metals, cutting and drilling of thin sheets of metal, and welding of thin foils. This compact, CDRH Class 1 benchtop system features a fresh industrial design, 180 degrees of workspace, a tooling plate drilled for flexible workpiece mounting, motorized Z axis, a large viewing window, and an optional rotary stage.

Visitors to the booth can also see the newly released LF Series mid power fiber laser welder, specifically designed for precision micro welding and cutting applications like medical spring attachment and component assembly. The LF Series lasers offer precise control of pulse width and peak power to control the weld parameters, and constant delivery of power which allows for deep penetration and fast speed seam welds. The LF Series can be focused to spot sizes down to 10 microns, with penetrations as deep as 0.040-inches (1 millimeter). The lasers are available in either single-mode or multi-mode options. When modulated, the LF Series can be used for gas assist cutting of metal sheets up to 0.080-inch thick.

The industry-leading UB29 linear DC micro welder offers precision control for micro-miniature resistance welding. The UB29 is a perfect choice for wire assemblies, sensors, connectors, squibs, catheters, orthodontic appliances, pacemakers, implantable hearing devices, and battery packs.

The Series 320 high precision, low force electronic weld head on display is designed specifically for applications requiring precise position and force control. Featuring either inline or offset opposed electrode configurations and exceptionally accurate force and position parameters, users can set displacement limits and use weld-to-displacement feature to stop the weld precisely during collapse. The user friendly I/O offers four programmable relay outputs.

Representing the very latest technology in resistance weld monitoring, Amada Miyachi America’s ADAM monitors what happens during the weld, as well as what happens before the weld is triggered, offering a 360-degree view of the process. Sophisticated SPC capabilities, including an integrated database and Minitab 15® statistical software, enable customers to analyze and collect data. Other key features include current, voltage, power, resistance, force and cover gas flow monitoring; high resolution sensors; pre-and post-trigger viewing; envelope limits; and Ethernet communications capability. ADAM also supports ISO, GMP and TQM requirements.

About Amada Miyachi America

Since 1948, Amada Miyachi America, Inc. has worked to achieve one goal: to solve customer’s manufacturing challenges. Knowing there is no one solution that fits all, the company strives to provide customers with innovative and reliable manufacturing technology solutions in an effort to be their single source provider. Amada Miyachi America manufactures equipment and systems for resistance welding, laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, hermetic sealing and hot bar reflow soldering and bonding. The company serves a wide range of markets including medical devices, battery, aerospace, automotive and electronic components. Amada Miyachi America is an ISO9001 certified company. Contact Amada Miyachi America at info@amadamiyachi.com. Learn more about the company’s products and services at www.amadamiyachi.com.