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Miyachi America Introduces New Micro TIG Welder

Monrovia, CA – Miyachi America Corporation, a leading manufacturer of welding equipment and systems, introduces the new Miyachi MAWA-300A Micro TIG Welder. The MAWA-300A is ideally suited for joining conductive materials such as copper, coated wires, and dissimilar materials found in a variety of industries such as automobile, medical equipment, aerospace, electronics, and battery assembly.

The Micro TIG welding process joins parts with dimensions up to 2 mm x 5 mm and a wide range of metals, including copper and stainless steel.  Micro TIG is a non-contact welding process, producing high quality welds with minimal heat affected zone by generating an electric arc between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece, using the resultant heat to create the weld. The weld time is adjustable and is suitable for both spot welds and short seam welds.

Two key features of the new MAWA-300A are “Pulsation” and “Touch Start.”  “Pulsation” causes the weld current to turn on and off during the weld at a user-selectable rate. This facilitates weld nugget-shaping and reduces porosity. The “Touch Start” mechanism automatically drives the electrode into gentle contact with the work-piece and then retracts at a pre-set speed. This allows a much lower arc starting current which helps control the location of the weld, improves weld appearance, and reduces electrical noise emitted in the arc initiation process.

Miyachi America provides free weld evaluation studies to their customers, using the MAWA-300A Micro TIG equipment in their applications labs. Since the Miyachi America applications labs are also equipped with other metals joining technologies including a full range of laser and resistance welding, they can perform comparative studies and offer their customers the best solution, meeting tough process and budget requirements.

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