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Amada Miyachi America Highlights Laser and Resistance Welding Technology at EASTEC

Monrovia, CA – AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA, INC., a leading manufacturer of resistance welding, laser welding, marking, cutting, and micro machining equipment and systems, announces it will showcase laser and resistance welding equipment ideal for medical, aerospace, precision electronics, battery, and automotive applications at EASTEC, to be held May 16-18, 2017, at the Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, Massachusetts. On display at Booth #5858 will be the LMWS Pulsed Fiber Laser Welding System integrated with the LMF70-HP 70W pulsed fiber laser. Also to be showcased is the UB29A Linear DC Micro Welder with a Model 71 servo motor controlled weld head.

Paired with the LMF70-HP 70W pulsed fiber laser, LMWS offers an advanced processing system ideal for welding metals, plastics and dissimilar metals including copper to aluminum, aluminum to stainless and steel, and copper to stainless steel. The highly configurable, compact unit is designed for lean manufacturing. By simply changing the settings, this laser can even be used to mark welded parts. The versatile high-power, high-speed laser LMWS is available with a variety of integration options to match process needs. It comes standard with an XY galvanometric scanner. XYZ and rotary stages or through the lens and off axis camera options are also available.

Drop by Booth #5858 to see the UB29A Linear DC Micro Welder. Featuring closed-loop feedback, the UB29A delivers a precisely controlled, repeatable waveform with an ultra-fast rise time of less than 200 microseconds, all in a compact size and single phase input. It is ideal for micro-miniature resistance welding of wire assemblies, sensors, connectors, squibs, catheters, orthodontic appliances, pacemakers, implantable hearing devices, battery packs, and more.

The UB29A will be shown with a Model 71 servo motor controlled weld head, designed for use in either automation or benchtop welding. The weld head offers controlled, fast, repeatable servo motor actuation with extremely low-end force control (0.25 pounds), remote control I/O and PC communication, and several displacement and force options.

Users can choose from two different models, each equipped with an easy-to-program, state-of-the-art servo motor controller for precise programming of electrode position and speed for up to 32 different weld schedules..

About Amada Miyachi America

Since 1948, Amada Miyachi America, Inc. has worked to achieve one goal: to solve customer’s manufacturing challenges. Knowing there is no one solution that fits all, the company strives to provide customers with innovative and reliable manufacturing technology solutions in an effort to be their single source provider. Amada Miyachi America manufactures equipment and systems for resistance welding, laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, hermetic sealing and hot bar reflow soldering and bonding. The company serves a wide range of markets including medical devices, battery, aerospace, automotive and electronic components. Amada Miyachi America is an ISO9001 certified company. Contact Amada Miyachi America at info@amadamiyachi.com. Learn more about the company’s products and services at www.amadamiyachi.com.