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Miyachi Group Opens New Sales Office in Barueri, Brazil

Barueri, Brazil – The Miyachi Group, a major worldwide supplier of laser welding, resistance welding, and precise joining technology, announces that it has opened a new base in Barueri, Brazil. This new base will form an important part of Miyachi’s forward-thinking global expansion, which encompasses Asia, North America, Europe, and now, South America. Barueri will provide support to Miyachi customers’ product lines throughout the continent, handling all Miyachi Group orders for South America effective January 1, 2013. As such, all purchase orders for the South American region should be addressed to the new Brazil office at the time of opening.

The new office is located in the Alphaville/Tambore section of Barueri, a rapidly growing business area only 26km from Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil. Representatives in the office will provide sales and after-sales service support to customers in a range of industries, including automotive, electrical/electronic, communication, and PC and medical devices. All brands under the Miyachi Group umbrella can be purchased through this office: Miyachi Technos (Japan), Miyachi Unitek (U.S.), Miyachi Peco (Germany) and Miyachi Eapro (Holland).

The team in Barueri will also proactively support Miyachi Group’s further expansion in South America. The company is constantly cultivating new technologies, such as solid-state laser technology and new fiber laser technology, and the new base will work to raise the profile of these important developments in an emerging market. The Miyachi Group will continue to pursue innovation in technology and contribute to the production lines of its customers all over the world.

The Miyachi Group’s Brazil sales office is located at Av. Ceci, 608 – Bloco 16B, Empresarial Tamboré, 06460-120, Barueri, SP, Brasil. For more information visit http://www.miyachibrasil.com.br or call +55-11-4193-1187.

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