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Miyachi America Showcases Range of Battery Welding Technologies at The Battery Show 2014

Monrovia, CA – Miyachi America Corporation, a leading manufacturer of welding, marking and micro machining equipment and systems, will be showcasing a range of products ideally suited for battery applications at The Battery Show 2014, which takes place September 16-18 2014, in Novi, Detroit, Michigan, booth E1124. On display will be Miyachi America’s advanced dual pulse (ADP) capacitive discharge spot welder, LMWS Laser Marking Workstation with an LMF fiber laser marker, and MAWA-300A Micro TIG Welder.

Attendees can stop by the booth to see newly released compact LMWS Laser Marking Workstation, configured with a Miyachi America LMF Series fiber laser marker. With a versatile and compact design that minimizes floor space requirements, the LMWS was specifically designed for benchtop operation and is ideal for manual batch part marking. LMWS is also available with optional rotary motion for circumferential marking.

Visitors to the booth can also see Miyachi’s MAWA-300A Micro TIG Welder, which is ideal for joining conductive materials like copper, coated wires, and dissimilar materials often used in battery assembly. MAWA’s non-contact welding process produces high quality welds with a minimal heat affected zone. The weld time is adjustable and is suitable for both spot welds and short seam welds.

Also on display will be the model 125ADP advanced capacitive discharge welder, ideal for welding conductive materials in applications like battery tab welding, and battery pack assembly. Features include a dual pulse function which overcomes surface inconsistencies, and a built-in weld monitor with internal sensor that measures peak current across both pulses for process monitoring.

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