Laser Micromachining System

The Sigma Laser Micromachining System is designed for general purpose laser micromachining applications such as laser drilling, laser ablation and laser marking with nanosecond lasers. The system platform can be integrated with multiple lasers and laser wavelengths, as well as a variety of motion stage options.

The Sigma Laser Micromachining system is designed to achieve and maintain high dimensional accuracy features. Vision options are available to ensure laser beam location and feature to part placement accuracy.

The system can be configured for any fiber, picosecond or femtosecond laser with single or multiple wavelength optical paths with up to 4 linear and direct drive stages and digital scan heads, with the standard platform supporting a 300 × 300 mm xy stage.

  • Nanosecond lasers offered in IR, green, and UV wavelengths
  • Laser marking, microdrilling, micromilling,...

Technical Specifications

Key FeaturesOff axis or through-the-lens vision
Control software with a simple, graphical interface
Optional laser monitoring
Stage, gantry or rotary motion options
Galvo steered laser
Debris management
Custom tooling