Laser Micromachining

Laser micromachining is a non-contact process which utilizes a laser for micro drilling, micro milling, micromachining, micro patterning, micro scribing and ablation for industrial applications. The cut and feature edges are of high quality with little no burring, low surface roughness and dimensional accuracy.

Laser micromachining utilizes a multi-pass process that removes small layers and volume of the material on each pass. Typically the laser is moved at high speeds over the stationary part, going over the cut path many times to achieve the feature. This is analogous with any machining operation in general, however the layer thickness removed can be in the microns and tenths of thousandths of an inch providing very high dimensional accuracy. For ultrafast or ultra short pulse lasers, almost any material can be processed, particularly plastics and polymers, which are difficult to machine accurately when feature and part size dimensions are small.

Laser micromachining detail on a hypodermic needle, laser micromachining, micro drilling

Laser micromachining is also a precision subtractive manufacturing technique that allows for finely controlled material removal from a surface. In a typical micromachining process, the laser beam is scanned at high velocity over a stationary part, removing precise amounts of material with each pass in order to “machine” a feature. Although similar in concept to traditional machining operations, laser micromachining is capable of removing only a few microns or ten thousandths of an inch with each pass, which provides extremely high dimensional accuracy. Due to the special material interactions generated with ultrashort pulse picosecond and femtosecond lasers, and the ability to offer multiple wavelengths, nearly any material can be processed. Polymers, ceramics, glass, shape memory alloys, and highly reflective metals, which are difficult to machine even with traditional laser methods, can now be machined with excellent quality.

Both the laser selected and the design of the system to enable to the laser to provide the necessary process are critical for a production machine. AMADA WELD TECH’s broad range of technologies, products, and systems makes it possible for us to provide complete solutions for both simple and complex manufacturing challenges. The path to solving even your most difficult materials processing needs begins with our technical sales experts. Working with our applications engineers, our broad, experienced team offers insightful feedback on process feasibility and part design to maximize production reliability. Application/sample qualification in our labs helps you determine the best choice of equipment for a robust, production-ready process. If a system is needed, our team of system engineers with expertise in motion, tooling, vision and software deliver smart and innovative solutions tailored to functional requirements and budget. Define – Design – Deliver.

Laser Micromachining

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