Laser Wire Stripping

Achieve Better Electrical Connections with Automated Laser Wire Stripping

Need to remove insulation before joining wires and terminals? Laser wire stripping is fast and efficient!

Learn why it is important to remove insulation prior to welding and why you should consider automated laser wire stripping for the job.


Wire Stripping

Wire Stripping

Lasers are uniquely capable of removing polymer coatings from metal wires and tubes for a broad range of medical device and electronics applications.

AMADA WELD TECH offers multiple laser sources – CO2, fiber, nanosecond and ultrashort pulse in IR, green and UV wavelengths - to address different materials and quality standards. We also offer advanced tooling and parts handling solutions to assist in automating your process.

Selective Ablation

Selective Ablation

Finely tuned laser processes are ideal for achieving both partial and complete ablation of polymer surface coatings from underlying layers and substrates – all while leaving the underlying layers intact.

With a broad range of laser and wavelength options, AMADA WELD TECH provides solutions for both full area ablation and complex, intricate ablation on the micron level from select areas.